Company profile

    Dongguan Xueton Industrial Co., Ltd is located in Dongguan city,Dongguan Province of China. It is a medium-sized interprise, professional in design, manufacture, sales and service. Its main products are as follows: security prevention cable, brainpower weak cable, elevator cable, network/LAN cable, AV cable, USB data cable, HDMI cable, VGA cable, communication cable, aerospace cable, electronic cable, automatic control cable, high temperature cable, fire-fighting cable, wire harness etc. Our products can be widely used in wireless telephone, GPS system, security monitoring, mobile phone, computer network, automotive, aerospace, medical, communications, radio and television, audio equipment, electrohpone, industrial automation, multi-media teaching, electric products, brainpower buildings and anti-theft alarm system etc.

    Xueton own has a standard workshop, first-rate production lines and testing equipment. After years of development and accumulated experience, we have successfully passed the ISO9001:2005 quality management system certification, and China's compulsory CCC certification and a variety of related inspection reports.
    Xueton insists on people-foremost and market-oriented, focus on development of high-tech green products, and constantly develop and improve the product chain, in order to meet customer needs, and create value for customers.
We will continue the theory of "Pursue Excellence and Sustainable business" and the quality stragegy of "Quality Foremost and Greater Perfection" to warmly serve you. We also actively go on enlarging our market to develop greater and greater, and achieve our success in the future with you together. Looking forward to your full support and help!